Production site Pečivárne Sereď

Beginning of industrial production of pastry products in Slovakia was specific with fragmented production in several handcraft units with manufacture production and minor facilities. For none of them was production of pastry products their main business activity. In the 50’s of the twentieth century were the above mentioned units and facilities integrated into larger production units that created organizational, technical and technological basis for development of a new industry segment called production of pastry products.

National enterprise Slovenské pečivárne in Sereď was founded on the 1st January 1953. Plants like Studeník in Holíč, gingerbread plant Danielis in Levice and powder plant in Levice, detached from the Stollwerck factory, were integrated into this new enterprise. Slovenské pečivárne furthermore integrated also Maškrta facility in Piešťany, Hana plant in Ružomberok and Tatranka plant in Liptovský Hrádok, all detached from enterprise Považské mlyny. From enterprise Stredoslovenské mlyny was integrated to Slovenské pečivárne the WECO plant in Kremnica, also Tatranka plant in Terany and Reczky manufactory in Zlaté Moravce. Alibaba plant in Brodzany was integrated from enterprise Nitrianske mlyny.

High quality pastry products gradually endeared to customers as supplementary food products. That is why in 1962 began the construction of a new plant for production of pastry products at Trnavská cesta in Sereď. Main purpose for building a new plant was to fulfill growing customer requirements as well as to increase concentration and specialization of production and also close the ineffective facilities. Production base comprised two plants in Sereď specialized in wafers, plant in Holíč producing gingerbreads and wafer rolls, and plant in Liptovský Hrádok specialized in biscuits. Slovenské pečivárne as a successfully developing company was integrated into Průmysl trvanlivého pečiva in Prague in 1963. This organizational system did not provide optimal conditions for production development that is why an independent enterprise Pečivárne Sereď was founded in 1969

In the 90’s of the twentieth century was the national enterprise Pečivárne Sereď privatized and the production facilities in Pečivárne Sereď and Pečivárne Holíč became part of I.D.C. Holding, JSC, company focused on building a strong, healthy and stable enterprise that would be a respectable and reliable partner with business and marketing approach. Production of gingerbreads and wafer rolls was transferred from Holíč to Sereď, so I.D.C. Holding, JSC nowadays comprises two branches - Pečivárne Sereď (production of pastry products) and Figaro Trnava (confectionary production). Thanks to the tradition and the popular high quality products belongs I.D.C. Holding, JSC among the most important producers of confectionary and pastry products and is a stable unit at the home market.

Currently, branch Pečivárne Sereď produces wafers, biscuits and gingernreads. Thanks to the popular products like Horalky, Tatranky, Kávenky, Mila and Lina belonging under famous brand of Sedita, is I.D.C. Holding, JSC a leader of the Slovak market in the production of wafers. Well known are also Club biscuits and half-coated biscuits.