Our Brands


Sedita is trade mark of traditional wafer and biscuit brands (some are produced already since 1953), for example Horalky, Mila, Lina, Mäta, Tatranky, Romanca, half-coated biscuits and Venčeky with long tradition in Slovakia and Czech Republic.

Many of them became real darlings among customers thanks to their unique and excellent taste. This supports also fact that they are still on the market and became successful central-European brands. Leading brands of Sedita are Horalky and Mila.


I.D.C. Holding sells more than 100 million pieces of Horalky per year. Their unique peanut taste comes from real roasted peanuts. These wafers are just as big to be able to feed you anywhere and anytime. Horalky is the best selling brand in Slovakia not only in segment of girth coated wafers but generally in the whole category of wafers. They are successful also in Czech Republic and they gain their fans rapidly also in Poland and Hungary. For example, in Poland we have sold almost 900 tons of them just for the first year of selling. Horalky are exported also to Great Britain, Ireland and Canada.


Mila belongs among the most favourite products on the Slovak and Czech market from the long term point of view. This is thanks to its unique harmonic taste combining irresistible creamy taste and crunchy wafer, underlined with mild chocolate flavor.

Mila wafer is a special product on the Slovak market – it has the biggest content of milk among all wafer products. Nowadays produced Mila does not even contain any hardened fat. Volume of trans-fatty acids is minimal and they come only from natural milk fat. Also other ingredients are worthy to pay attention to from the medical point of view – high content of fat-extracted cocoa, soya flour, whey... .  All this increases and keeps the necessary calcium in its natural form in human body.

Under Sedita trade mark belongs also group of products suitable for diabetics. There can be found popular Ela wafers, Duo and Cereal biscuits and ring biscuits Rings. These products have and excellent taste despite their specific content and are very successful on the domestic but also on the foreign markets.

Portfolio of Sedita products is constantly developed and renewed. Every year we add many innovative new products to the portfolio. For example to traditional Kavenky wafers were added Kavenky cappuccino, to Vesna wafers were added Vesna grilage, Lina wafers were extended with 2 new flavors, to half-coated biscuits were added excellent orange fine biscuits coated in chocolate coating. And there are many others prepared to be launched.

Design of packages, their colors and graphical styles follow certain trends. Sedita constantly innovates packages of its products to keep up with development of printing technologies, packaging materials and design trends. On the other hand we always strive to keep continuity so the customer recognizes his favourite wafer or biscuit on the shelf.


Figaro trade mark covers many chocolate and non-chocolate sweets, candies, rocks-candy lollipops, jellies and bananas coated in chocolate.

Figaro is also traditional trade mark. Tradition of confectionary production in Figaro Trnava is dated to 1906. Since then the portfolio has changed and extended a lot up to present stage that is well known not only in Slovakia and Czech Republic, but also in abroad.

We all know Figaro via brands of sweets like Snehulky, Baili, Ovomia, Doxy roksy, Bananas in chocolate, seasonal Christmas and Easter products, and many others. We export many of the above mentioned products abroad, especially to Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Latvia, France, Germany, Russia, where they are valued for their high quality. Products with Figaro trade mark attract many potential business partners on international shows every year.

Verbena – candy full of herbs

Moderate amount of confectionary products have their place in balanced diet and lifestyle where physical activity is a non-detachable part of life. Candy can not “just” taste good today. We expect something more than that and that is right.

Verbena is brand of candies containing herbal extracts. Verbena guarantees real content of herbal extracts, not just flavors and aromas. Candies with such a content follow the actual trends of lifestyle development and offer also other benefits besides fulfilling the generic need – taste for something sweet.

Customers know this brand since 1999. It undergo dynamic development during its life and today has Verbena stable portfolio of herbal candies with increasing sales in Poland, Russia, Hungary, Lithuania and Slovak Republic.

VERBENA is brand dedicated to exacting customers who are fond of healthy lifestyle with positive attitude to natural products. Therefore our company focuses on continuous development of new functional candies and varieties of this brand to keep up with lifestyle of its consumers.